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Friday, December 6, 2013

Daily Advent Ideas & Scriptures (Downloadable List of Both) and Jingle's Latest Antics

Daily Advent Scripture, Activity & Treat
I know this post is a little late, but life has just kept me from the computer.  Y'all know how that is!

My littles absolutely our elf, Jingle’s arrival as soon as we return from Mama Jane and Daddy Doc’s house for Thanksgiving.  They love his ‘Elf Antics’ and Honey & I have enjoyed their joy and laughter about Jingle.  However, I also want to teach them the meaning of Christmas and how to have a servant’s heart.  One of the tools I use to help teach this is using an Advent Calendar.

Growing up, my family used a precious advent calendar that gave a verse to read each day.  It was midnight blue with gold embossed lettering and the nativity scene beautifully painted on.  My siblings and I eagerly anticipated our turn to open and read each day's door with the scripture.  My guess is that Mama Jane is tearing up reading this realizing that I remember exactly what that Advent calendar looked like.  I would bet that my sweet sister (and maybe baby brother) also remember it as clearly as I do.

I wanted to add to the tradition I grew up with to include either something to do together as a family or something to do for others.  I found this precious idea at Design Dazzle using 24 Christmas socks that is super easy to put together using 24 socks, a long festive ribbon, numbers, and clothespins.  Each day has 3 items -  a Bible verse for the day,  either something to do together as a family or a way to serve others, and a Hershey kiss for each child if they have been sweet the day before.

You can find festive Christmas socks at Target or your local Dollar store.  I found mine in the dollar section at Target.  They aren't perfect & didn't exactly fit within my 'vision', but I just didn't have time to go to another store to find the perfect cheap Christmas socks.  My thought is that my children won't remember that the socks didn't fit in with our decor scheme perfectly and my hope is they will remember the experience.  Plus, my house isn't perfect either so the crazy socks fit in perfectly.
I have listed 40 ideas just in case some don’t work for your family.  You can download this FREE printable of family advent activities HERE on Scribd and download our advent scripture list HERE on Scribd

I hope y’all enjoy these Advent ideas.  It is my desire that my children not only enjoy the fun of the Christmas season but also learn to have a servant’s heart.  Honey and I want our littles to understand that our one purpose is glorify God and to be His hands and feet.

A little Reminder!

Jingle is a little adventurous on a zip line!
On the way to DISNEY WORLD!!!
It’s CHRISTMAS!!! *squeals all around the house*

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