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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Weekend Report & a Cheerleader Gift Tag

This past weekend, my parents and sister wonderfully offered to keep the children so that Honey & I could go to the Ole Miss football game and have a little less than 48 hours sans kids.  Wahoo!

It all started out wonderfully, except of course for the horrible asthma attack that hit me.  (In hindsight, I think the asthma attack was a foreshadow of things to come).  We met my parents at the driving half-way point after C-man's acting class performance Friday evening.  (He did great and learned so much in his first semester of classes!  He has much more to learn, but we were very proud that his confidence has increased.)

After dropping the kids off, we headed straight to the late movie to see 'Catching Fire' from the Hunger Games Triology.  FABULOUS movie.  Honey & I both enjoyed it and I highly recommend it.

Saturday morning Mama Jane sent me these pictures of the girls having a tea party while C-man was with his cousin at a college football game.  Isn't she an awesome grandmother!!

Tea Party Spread

Tea Party at Mama Jane's House
Poor Honey started to feel awful Saturday morning and realized he was passing a kidney stone.  :(  No football game and fingers crossed that he wouldn't have to go to the ER.  Sadly, about 8:30 Saturday night we had to take a trip to the ER.  Thankfully he was able to pass the terrible kidney stone, but we were there until midnight. 

It was a still a wonderful weekend of just leaving the house we got the notion - such a novel concept.  There were no shoes to find, no snacks to make, and no complaints.  We had needed a day of just us.  Of course we were so happy to see them, but immediately after they got into the car three voices asked for snacks, water, and a bathroom stop all at once.  Honey turned to me and asked, "Hope, please tell me.  Why did we pick them up again?"

We decided Sunday night would be a movie night and here is the precious sight I found after preparing dinner.  The girls were snuggled together watching the movie.  Ok, maybe they were just sharing popcorn, but it was still a sweet sight.  

Sweet sisters
While my sweeties watched a movie, it was time to turn my attention to the cheerleader gift bags that I was responsible for preparing for the cheer banquet Monday night.  (The bags had been neglected during Honey's illness.)  Each bag needed the cheerleader's name on the tag because the gift was a t-shirt and there were 4 different sizes of shirts.  I prepared this tag and thought it turned out cute.  You can download the cheerleader gift tag FREE HERE on Scribd.  You can also personalize them!

I hope y'all are having a fabulous Thanksgiving week!


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