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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Disney - Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom - Tips & Tricks for your new gamers for the fun interactive game

This post was planned for much later but bestie ‘A’ is headed to Disney for the holiday and in need of some info for her littles who are dying to play Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom.  C-man has undoubtedly been sharing how much he has loved the game with ‘A’s’ girls and even gave them all of our extra spell cards to get them started.  

About the Game

If you have a child age 7 or older (especially if they are gamers like my C-man), they will love the new Interactive game ‘Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom’ at the Magic Kingdom that was rolled out in spring of 2012.  The game allows kids of all ages to become an apprentice sorcerer and help the wizard, Merlin, protect the Magic Kingdom from Hades, the god of the Underworld, and his gang of villains.  Hades wants to take over the Magic Kingdom and has recruited Disney villains to help him.  Your job as an apprentice sorcerer is to help Merlin by battling the villains.  

The game is free with your park admission ticket and you can register to play at the Firehouse located just before you enter Main Street on the left or just behind Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square.  I suggest you register at the Firehouse for your first time to play the game so that you can see the portals on Main Street.  After that first time of play, the Liberty Square location usually has a shorter line.  

The Map to find portals

The Map for Frontierland and Adventureland
The map for Main Street U.S.A. and Fantasyland
How does it work?  

Each person in your party can use their admission ticket to register and obtain a pack of sorcerer spell cards.  If you have a member of your party who really wants to play, I would suggest that your entire party go with their admission tickets to obtain the card packs, even if they don’t play.  The more card packs that you obtain, the more fun your player will have using different spell cards.  It is important to know that you can’t just take 10 admission tickets with two people and get 10 card packs.  Each person obtaining a card pack must be present to obtain said pack and you can each obtain new card packs each day you attend the Magic Kingdom.  

I know having your entire party do this sounds very inconvenient, but I believe the inconvenience is worth the time for a few reasons.  Last fall and this spring, C-man absolutely LOVED playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  It made his trip even more magical and he would tell you that it was his favorite part of both trips.  Also, he and his sisters have enjoyed pouring over the cards and devising plans for card combinations for our upcoming trip.  (Hours y’all.)  

What do you put all of those cards in without ruining them?  (Those Florida rainstorms usually pop up out of nowhere.) There are a few options.  On our fall break trip, Honey treated C-man to a Disney Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom book that can be found in the Emporium and other shops around the MK.  I will warn that the these books are pricey.  In order to save a little money before the trip, I picked up a trading card book at Target that works just as well protecting the spell cards.  After C-man upgraded, the girls were thrilled to receive his leftover book.  

Once you are registered, have your cards and sorcerer map, you will be sent to one of four areas in the Magic Kingdom for game play.  The four areas are Main Street U.S.A., Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Frontierland.  There are portals in each area with a Key Box that your player will place their key card on to start or continue their game.  Your player will hear a beginning story by Merlin where you will learn which Villain you are battling and then be led to other portals in the area to use spell cards to defeat the Villain.  There are 9 villains, including Hades, to defeat.  Once your player has defeated all 9 villains, your player can go to the Firehouse and obtain a new card set and ring the firehouse bell.  C-man really enjoyed ringing the bell and we were lucky that the cast member working at the time made a really big deal out of completion.  

A Key Card Box

C-Man is loving it

How do the spell cards work?

There are a few things to remember when using the spell cards -   
Make sure you gamer stands directly on the Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom gold crest.  The camera and computer are designed to read the spell cards with the player standing on the crest.  

Hold the card by the outer edges so that the reader can adequately read the card.  (Another reason the books are a good idea.)  

Hold Card on the outer edges if you don't have a book

  • Don’t reuse the same spell card when battling the same villain.  The game makers designed this game well and the program is designed to weaken the strength of the card’s spell if it is used more than once against the same villain.  
  • You can use more than one spell card at a time - Up to 6 at the same time from what I understand.  My kids loved seeing the different spell combinations.
  • C-man says that cards from the same movie work well together.  (ex. - Eve & Wall-E; Tiana & Prince Naveen; Flynn Rider & Rapunzel; Princess Aurora & Prince Philip; etc.)
  • There are 3 levels - Easy, Medium & Hard.  Your first time player will start at Easy.  When your player is only level 1, any spell will defeat any villain.  As your player reaches the ‘Medium’ or ‘Hard’ levels, defeating villains is more difficult and time consuming.  (C-man has worked up to the ‘Hard’ level and even beat ‘Hard’ last trip.  
  • There are 70 different spell cards that can be collected. The card packs that they give you when your register for play include a key card and 5 spell cards.  You can collect up to 60 spell cards in mix of cards given at registration or if you complete the game.  The last 10 cards can be purchased in packs sold at the Emporium and are very rare cards known as 'Thunder' cards.  Each pack contains only 1 'Thunder' card. 
  • The more your use a spell card against different villains, the stronger the spell card becomes.  
  • If your gamer reaches the 'Medium' or 'Hard' level have them listen carefully to the storyline.  The villain will usually mention something in the storyline that reveals their weakness and give a clue as to what type of spell will work best to defeat that villain.  (i.e. - Warrior, Hero, Princess, Fairy, Toy, Machine, Animal, Monster, Mystic.)

How long does it take to complete the game?  

It depends on if you play continuously or take breaks for rides and character greetings, but it usually takes about 4 plus hours. In May, Honey and I switched off with the girls and C-man so that C-man could play.  Both of us will readily admit that we enjoyed the one on one time with C-man and I doubt C-man will ever forget getting caught in the rainstorm or my lost iPhone.  (I REALLY REALLY REALLY love the Find My Phone app!)

All 3 of my littles are very excited about spending some time at the Magic Kingdom playing sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom during our upcoming Christmas trip.  We usually have them wait until the 3rd day to play so that many of our ‘Must Dos‘ have been checked off the list before we take time out to play.  That said, it is a fun addition to the Magic Kingdom that our family has truly enjoyed.  


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