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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Some New Paintings, the Latest from Elf Jingle & more

A sorority sister of mine asked me recently about paintings that I have painted and posted on Facebook.  She wanted to know where I hang them all because I seem to paint so many! Until a couple of years ago I swore that although I was creative, I was NOT artistic at all.  Those gifts seemed to pass to my sister who enjoyed drawing as a child and is a gifted photographer.  My artistic abilities seemed limited to stick figures.  Once I had little ones, I found myself having more and more 'make it work' moments forcing what little artistic ability I had to be pried from deep within.  Once it peeked out, I found that I really loved it and actually found it relaxing.  Imagine that?!?

I signed up for more and more painting classes at local art studios and try my best to paint about once every couple of months.   I am no Monet, but I can follow instructions.  In fact, the art classes have helped me to just 'go with it' more and I find myself enjoying painting more and more.

The paintings are throughout the house but I change them according to the seasons.  Some of the paintings I really love and some will hopefully soon retire to the attic permanently.  The fall paintings were just taken down to make way for the collection of Christmas art.  I have plans to paint a Santa soon but am not sure I will be able to fit it in the schedule.

If you are contemplating trying a class at one of the many art studios that have popped up, I highly recommend trying it with a friend.  Relax, don't be too hard on yourself (been there, done that) & enjoy two hours of not having to clean up behind someone!

Don't you love the 1970s speaker/sound system?  Funny thing is - it still works!

I love this snowman in the kids' snowman themed bathroom for winter

Sweet sister-in-law and I painted this one just before Christmas a couple of years ago

Here are the latest from our elf, Jingle -

He loved playing Disney Apples to Apples with the other toys.  The Beast & Marie were on a roll apparently.  Jingle brings our children a family game every year as a parting gift so it's only fitting that he gets to play a few games with the other toys while he visits.  Below is a picture of the ornaments that the Princess made for Jingle and Santa.  I was lucky enough to hear her whisper to Jingle that she made them just for him and Santa and asked him to take them to the North Pole for her.
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Snow Angels - Crazy elf!

The Princess is the Star Student this week in her class.  Below is her poster to share all of the things she loves.  I really really love the Walgreen's photo app.  My iPhone pictures aren't as good as my Cannon, but they are so convenient.

I had to share this last precious picture of the Baby.  She had to tag along on several errands with me this morning, including to Pier 1 to purchase a gift for the Sunday school ornament swap tonight.  I assure you I was extremely quick in my shopping, but while we were there she begged to sit on the 'comfy chair'.  After I paid for the ornament, here is how I found precious angel.  It was nearly painful to wake her and disturb her from the 'comfy chair'.  Thankfully, she wasn't too mad at me.

Now, off to make some sausage & cheese bread for the party tonight.


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