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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Special Chapel Service and the Fall Vocal Recital

The Princess  with a picture of the Cottages and children at the TN Baptist Children's Home
Chapel - Yesterday was a big day for the Princess.  Her first grade class gave their mission report to the school during the chapel service.  Earlier this fall, the entire first grade took after school snacks and laundry detergent that they had collected to the TN Baptist Children's Home.  It was a great field trip and a chance for them to learn more about serving others. 

Yesterday the class shared what they had learned about the mission and how they had served.  The Princess had a pretty long speaking part that we practiced all week.  It was a great excuse for her to work on projection and enunciation too.  I am happy to report that she did fabulously and I was so very proud of her.  

My three babies

Fall Vocal Recital  -

The Princess also had her fall vocal group recital.  Yes, the Princess is only 7, but she LOVES singing and has had so much fun with her vocal group.

Sweet Sisterly Love

The Princess's Friend 'J'

The Princess is an 'Early to bed, early to rise' kind of girl and could not make it for dinner after the recital

The Baby is the exact opposite - 'Night owl & late riser'.   She was in rare form last night in her new Christmas dress that she just could not hold off on wearing. 
I will end with some great news.  A dear friend came to my rescue and let me borrow her sewing machine and so in front of the machine is where I will be much of this afternoon making that baby bedding for sweet sister-in-law.


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