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Monday, November 4, 2013

My Cast of Characters

Last week I introduced myself but also thought y'all might enjoy learning a bit about my precious (and yes, sometimes crazy) family.  

First, my sweet and very patient husband, aka 'Honey'.  Honey and I met freshman year at Ole Miss and have been together since he spilt a drink on my jacket and asked me to dance.  It was pretty much love at first sight - except for the whole ruined jacket bit, but I forgave him after a dance or two.  Honey is a CPA and works tirelessly to provide for the family.  He is just about the only dad I know who loves Disney trips as much as, if not more than, his children.  He loves all things Ole Miss, reading, watching NASCAR, football,  and he tolerates the beach for me.  Most of all, Honey adores us and would try to move a mountain if I said the children or I really needed it moved.  No, we aren't perfect and he patiently listens most of the time whenever my 'fiery side' comes out.  I love him completely and think we make a pretty good team. 

At Law School Bestie 'M's wedding this summer
Just last week
Our oldest child, Colin (aka 'C-man'), is 9 years old and in the 3rd grade.  C-man is like a small version of Honey.  I sometimes wonder if he acquired any of my genes.  Surely something was passed along, right?  C-man loves to read, play video games (*ugh!!*), golf, family game night, Disney trips, chess, acting, science, video game creation, and Lego robotics.  C-man does swim on the summer swim team but is currently counting down the years until he is old enough to go hit balls on the driving range while his sisters have swim practice.  Just like the beach, he tolerates swim team.

C-man also has ADHD which is something that I feel certain that I will address here.  I felt very alone when we FINALLY realized that C-man had ADHD.  It has been a tough journey this past year, but because we have gained so much knowledge and assistance from other ADHD moms, I want to  be an open book when it comes to our ADHD experiences.

C-Man's first day of school pic this year

Our middle child, Lily Brooks (aka 'The Princess'), is 7 years old and in the 1st grade.  As much as C-man is like Honey, The Princess is like me - the good & the bad.  She is so very sweet, adores her siblings, is helpful, extremely determined, kind, caring, and responsible.  She also has a fiery temper and is afraid of failure (more on that later).  I am praying over the teenage years already and am bracing myself for epic battles.  Very thankfully we are at that blissful state where she is mostly self-sufficient and doesn't yet think I'm Medusa. Yes, I do know my time is coming, but, Lord, please let this state of bliss hang on at least a few more years.

The Princess loves to sing, act, dance, twirl baton competitively, cheer (I am happy to report that the season has now ended for cheer and I am hoping cheer disappears from our line-up next fall), takes tumbling, and has just started piano.  She is a very busy young lady and quite the performer.  Yes, I am happy and proud that she is multi-talented but whittling down her schedule of events has been most difficult.  She also ADORES the beach and swimming.  She loves summer swim team and is quite the breast stroker. 

At a baton competition this past weekend

A beach trip this summer with just the girls
Our youngest, Hannah, (aka 'The Baby') just turned 5 years old and is still at home with me.  The Baby is her own girl - a mix of princess, soccer girl, super hero and in-between.  She is so laid back, very athletic, and easy-going.  She is very funny but hates it when people say so.  She LOVES soccer and has wanted to play since she was 2 when she would jump out of my arms at C-man's soccer practices to kick the ball and run all over the field.  I must have pulled her off of the field at least 10 times every practice and game for a year until she turned 3 and could play on our church team.  The baby also loves to act and was in her first play this fall with her siblings.  She loved swimming on the summer swim team this past summer and was even on a relay team with her sister.  Yes, she was the youngest at age 4, but she constantly wants to catch up with her siblings and does her best to do whatever it is they are doing.

Our little soccer star

At a birthday party last week

She is my side-kick and day-time shadow right now.  I'm certain I will cry buckets next year when she starts Kindergarten. 

Below are a couple of pictures of three kids together from this fall. 

At church Fall Festival last week

At Fall Break
Hope y'all enjoyed the overview of my hubby and precious littles.   'Confessions of a Twirl Mom Part 2' with an update on how the Princess did coming tomorrow.


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