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Friday, November 15, 2013

One of 'Those Days'

I had planned on writing about Operation Christmas Child tonight and had planned to take the children to the store to buy supplies.  Sadly, it was 'one of those days'.  Y'all have been there.  Wake up, check email and see that neither C-man, nor the Princess gotten a part in a musical that both had worked to their hardest to prepare for the audition.  I know that disappointment is part of growing up and part of acting, but it is still hard to break it to them that they didn't get a part.  Get ready, go downstairs and figure out a gentle way to break the news, make breakfast, make 3 lunches and two snacks, get everyone ready, drop off at school, come back home, clean up from said breakfast and lunch preparations, take the Baby to preschool, run to physical therapy to help my shoulder heal from the rotator cuff surgery, go to church to help the children's council, pick up the Baby from preschool, and then eat lunch at 2 pm because I haven't had a moment to breath until then.

C-Man's Cub Scout gear
The Baby and I then rushed to the Boy Scout store to buy all of the items C-man needed for cub scouts and it takes over 1 1/2 hours to drive because of traffic.  We were late picking up the Princess and C-man from school.  What I thought would be a quick pop-in to ask C-man's teacher about something small turns into a 30 minute necessary conversation.  (My fellow ADHD moms know what I'm talking about.) We had exactly 35-40 minutes to head to the store to buy our supplies to pack the shoeboxes before we needed to take the Princess to ballet class.  My thought was, 'I think I can.  I think I can.', and then the Princess had wardrobe 'issues'.  The leotard she so desperately wanted to wear was too small because she has grown taller these last few weeks.  Her #2 choice back-up leotard was also too small.  Choice #3, a leotard she has worn several times this fall, still fits.  Hooray!  Apparently, she doesn't like choice #3 anymore.  The tears start and I became even more frustrated.  I not so patiently explain to the Princess that she can either wear that leotard or not go to ballet.  The Princess is now ready to go.

The leotard she wanted to wear (the one with the rhinestones)
My thought was, "If we can just get in the car in the next 3 minutes, we can still make to the store." Sadly, the Baby and C-man have now taken their shoes off and think we are staying at the house because of the amount of time I had been upstairs with the Princess.  We all hurry to first find the shoes that apparently can be lost in a 5 minute time span, get shoes on, jump in the car, and head to the store.  As we reach the end of our street I ask the Princess, "Lily Brooks, you did bring your tennis shoes to wear in the store, right?"  I had reminded her twice to bring her other shoes and had told her that she couldn't wear ballet slippers in the parking lot/store because they would become ruined.  Her response was, "No, mama.  You didn't tell me I needed to bring my tennis shoes." Fabulous.  At that moment it was like the buzzer had gone off.  I turned the car around because there was just no point in rushing around and then being late for ballet.  We could go buy supplies on Saturday.

We returned home to use our remaining 20 minutes before we needed to head to ballet and I remember that I have been meaning to give one of the teachers at the studio a baby gift.  I get the children settled with a snack and run upstairs to sew the blanket.  The fabric had been purchased, cut, and was just sitting in my chair patiently waiting its turn for attention.  I sit down and with the first stitch my machine makes a crazy sound I have never heard before.  I make every attempt to figure out this crazy sound and desperately try to fix my machine.  When the realization hits that I am going to have to take to the repair store to have it repaired tears fill my eyes.  Plans for this weekend include little more than making the baby bedding for my sister-in-law's precious new little one who makes her arrival in late December.  Sweet sister-in-law lives in Dallas and Mimi & Pappy (my in-laws) are headed to Dallas next weekend.  This weekend was my only chance to make the bedding unless I ship it to Dallas.

The blanket that didn't get made and the bedding that I pray is completed this weekend
Just like Superman, Honey appears.  He almost never comes home early, but today came home a little early.  The Baby and C-man cheer and practically dance in exhilaration because they don't have to ride the 45 minute round trip to ballet and wait 45 minutes during ballet.  Honey assures me that it's ok about spending the money to have the machine repaired or even purchase a new one if I need it.  As we head to the car to go to ballet, without being prompted, (I'm still upset that I can't fix the sewing machine and have forgotten about the dance wardrobe incident) the Princess apologizes for her behavior over the outfit and thanks me for allowing and paying for her to attend dance class along with all of her other activities.  ??!?!!! Praise The Lord!  She explains to me that she is sorry she acted that way and explains that she is is very nervous about her speaking part in the school Chapel program tomorrow and her vocal group performance tomorrow night.  We have a mother/daughter moment during the drive and all is well.

Once we arrive at ballet, Honey texts me to tell me that C-man is over the moon excited about the Cub Scout gear I purchased and has flown through his first three lessons in his book and is extremely excited about his den meeting this Sunday.

The evening ended with me falling asleep putting the Baby to bed.  She had trouble because she had taken a nap during the drive to purchase the cub scout gear.  Being a 'night person' anyway,  she was wide awake at 9:45 p.m. and in need of at least 10 stories.  I read 2 and offered to lay down with her because I was exhausted.

I hope y'all have a fabulous Friday.  I'm excited to not have 'one of those days' today but am also thankful for all the time at home with the children - even 'those days'.

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